Enrolment & Admission


The academic year at JRU runs according to the Islamic Calendar:  Shawwāl – Sha‘bān.

Students wishing enrolment in the ‘Ālimiyyah or Qirā‘ah course are admitted in the month of Shawwāl. Late applicants for these courses may be considered until the end of Dhul-Qa‘dāh (approximately one and a half months from commencement date). This flexibility is subject to candidate potential and capability.

Enrolment for the Tahfīz-al-Qur’ān Course  takes place throughout the year, although the majority of candidates are admitted in Shawwāl and in September after the end of the school Summer break.

The Preparatory Course runs during the latter part of the academic year  and admission dates vary according to demand  for the course. Please contact us for further details.

After meeting the Entry Requirements and submitting an application, suitable applicants are requested to attend an assessment test and interview. They are asked various relevant questions relating to background, ambitions and commitment.

Successful applicants are sent a formal letter of acceptance within ten working days.

All new students are admitted on a two month trial basis. After successfully completing the probationary period they are given a permanent place.

Overseas Students
Overseas applicants who cannot attend this interview must provide a letter of reference from a reputable referee. All prospective overseas students must nominate a guardian or family friend as a contact in Britain who will take responsibility should any difficulty arise during their term of study.

Mission Statement

“JRU: a centre of academic and spiritual excellence”

Our Objectives

• To provide authentic Islamic education based on the Qur’ān and Sunnah.

• To preserve the treasure of Islamic learning and pass it on to future generations.

• To perfect good character and moral conduct.

• To promote spiritual development and god-consciousness.

• To prepare individuals who will serve the needs of Muslim communities, and inspire them to improve themselves as Muslims and citizens.

Contact Details

Jāme‘ah Riyādul ‘Uloom
120 Melbourne Road
Leicester, UK

Tel: +44 116 2625440
Fax: +44 116 2425016

Email: info@jru.org.uk