At JRU we are fortunate to have a brand new building, providing a comfortable, safe and modern environment for all our daily activities.

An extremely spacious and aesthetically pleasing prayer hall comfortably houses all our students and staff as well as other people wishing to join in congregational prayers. The five daily prayers and the Spiritual Session take place in the prayer hall.

Classrooms are large and comfortable, as are the study halls where students sit during evening study sessions. Wuḍū (ablution) facilities are ample and well designed.

Having opened in the summer of 2008, a number of facilities have yet to be completed. These include a specialist library containing books and resources in Arabic, Urdu and English, and the ICT suite.

Within the residential block, students have their own library and basic IT facilities.

Although we do not have our own sports hall, nearby facilities are hired for student use.

New Application Dates

Inshā’allāh, the next academic year will start in May/ June 2022.

The current dates for new applications is as follows:

Opening date: Monday 1st November 2021.

Closing date: Monday 31st January 2022.

*Applications received after the closing date will be treated as late.

Mission Statement

“JRU: a centre of academic and spiritual excellence”

Our Objectives

• To provide authentic Islamic education based on the Qur’ān and Sunnah.

• To preserve the treasure of Islamic learning and pass it on to future generations.

• To perfect good character and moral conduct.

• To promote spiritual development and god-consciousness.

• To prepare individuals who will serve the needs of Muslim communities, and inspire them to improve themselves as Muslims and citizens.

Contact Details

Jāme‘ah Riyādul ‘Uloom
120 Melbourne Road
Leicester, UK

Tel / Fax: +44 116 2625440

Email: info@jru.org.uk