Why JRU?


JRU is not just an academic provider: our vision is bigger than that. We aim to produce individuals who are well prepared to serve the religious and spiritual needs of Muslims and be valuable members of society.

Service to the Community
There are many issues affecting the lives of Muslims today…

•    Social ills, e.g. antisocial behaviour, substance abuse, the breakdown of the family;
•    Widespread misunderstandings about Islam;
•    Racism, intolerance, extremism and violence;
•    A general neglect of the religious and spiritual spheres of life.

We aim to prepare graduates who are committed and equipped to tackle such issues and serve the Muslim community and society as a whole. Subsequently, our approach to training covers the academic, spiritual and moral dimensions of an individual’s development.

JRU provides an atmosphere conducive not only to learning, but to the development of sound character, self discipline, brotherhood, compassion, fairness and tolerance. Studying at JRU will enrich you in many ways.

Academic Excellence
At JRU we believe an in-depth study of the primary sources of Islam is essential for our students to achieve their aims. As students progress through the ‘Ālimiyyah Course they study the Qur’ān, Ḥadīth (Prophetic Traditions), Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) and related subjects in detail.

In addition, the Tahfīz-al-Qur’ān route to the ‘Ālimiyyah Course and the Qirā‘ah Specialisation Course provide students with opportunities to further enhance their skills and opportunities.

The daily timetable is full, structured and well supervised. We are proud of our low staff to student ratio, which enables our dedicated teachers to pay close attention to every student and monitor progress.

Group study sessions involve the use of  a number of special learning techniques. One of these is taking turns to repeat and explain the days lessons before a group. This technique not only consolidates each lesson in the minds of students but also develops self expression and teaching skills.

Overall, our system of education creates an atmosphere of self-discipline, tolerance and understanding, which encourages students to develop their abilities to the full and thus acquire self-confidence and self-motivation.
Our students are taught how to think logically and independently. They are seen to develop a sense of certainty and maturity, and a positive confident approach to face the challenges that await them after graduation.

Spiritual & Moral Development
At JRU we emphasise that education and learning should be transformative processes, improving every aspect of a student’s life. The sign of an ‘Ālim (Islamic scholar) is someone who is true to what he learns.
That is why we encourage our students to become living examples of the sublime Islamic teachings they learn in the classroom. We try to provide an environment that nurtures honesty, compassion, good manners and all the beautiful teachings of Islam.

Some extracurricular activities that promote development in this area include:

•    Punctual attendance of the five daily prayers;
•    Inspirational and motivational readings from selected texts;
•    Time for private worship, including optional prayers, dhikr, recitation of the Qur’ān etc.;
•    Caring for others and one’s environment. By sharing in selected domestic tasks, students develop greater respect for each other and the institute.

New Application Dates

Inshā’allāh, the next academic year will start in May/ June 2022.

The current dates for new applications is as follows:

Opening date: Monday 1st November 2021.

Closing date: Monday 31st January 2022.

*Applications received after the closing date will be treated as late.

Mission Statement

“JRU: a centre of academic and spiritual excellence”

Our Objectives

• To provide authentic Islamic education based on the Qur’ān and Sunnah.

• To preserve the treasure of Islamic learning and pass it on to future generations.

• To perfect good character and moral conduct.

• To promote spiritual development and god-consciousness.

• To prepare individuals who will serve the needs of Muslim communities, and inspire them to improve themselves as Muslims and citizens.

Contact Details

Jāme‘ah Riyādul ‘Uloom
120 Melbourne Road
Leicester, UK

Tel / Fax: +44 116 2625440

Email: info@jru.org.uk